Powershell version of Telnet

Below is a quick way to perform a telnet session on a server that is not allowed to have the telnet client for some reason(compliance).
## Create Socket Object
$Socket=New-ObjectNet.Sockets.TcpClient# Suppress error messages
$ErrorActionPreference=SilentlyContinue# Try to connect

if ($Socket.Connected)
write-host“Port 443 is open”$Socket.Close() ## Destroy the connection
write-host“Port 443 is not open”

Fast – Inactive AD Computers List

One of easiest ways to get a current list of all the inactive Computers in your AD is by using DSQuery. Below you will find two examples of how I use this. You will notice the “-limit 0”. This allows the query to pull back an unlimited amount of computers. At the end I am piping this out to a csv file.

Computer accounts not used in the last 6 months/26 weeks.
dsquery computer -inactive 26 -limit 0 > List_6_months.csv

Computer accounts not used in the last 2 months/8 weeks.
dsquery computer -inactive 8 -limit 0 > List_2_Months.csv