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A 5.4 should bolt in right in place of the 4.6. preferred-parts1 (1,509) 99.4%. He currently owns a '95 Corvette, '76 Cadillac Seville, '99 LS1 Trans Am and big old Ford Van. Ford F-100 Crown Vic Front Suspension Swap. They are available in book or digital format for your computer. the factory harness lays right on top of the motor. :dumb: I resisted the urge to go "what the f would you want to do this for? so if they are canceling the variable timing it will make less than 300 hp, the variable timing is the key to make 300 hp . Ford changes the circuit pathways through the harnesses frequently. Ford Forum is a community to discuss all things Ford. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. looks really good. You need to have some experience in wiring and making proper connections, and these aftermarket harnesses only control the engine and, if equipped, the transmission, and may not be capable of running any other components from your donor car. The small compact size makes it handy when traveling (e.g., if you want to carry different tunes for different grades of gas), and it can be licensed to tune more than one vehicle, so no need for a separate tuner for each of your rides. I cant see it being much different than using a teksid block with 2v heads. In this video we start the 6R80 swap on my 08 Mustang GT! Their bundle saves time, money, and headache when wiring up your ride. I think the cams are the same but I could be wrong and yea its not plug and play but its an easy swap. 2023 Power Automedia. Alpha N computer controls are a simple form of fuel injection. We dig Ron Francis wiring here at Power Automedia. Electronics are also borrowed from the Cobra donor car and the stock EEC-V computer is re-flashed. I am just wondering if it makes any noticeable difference. I like the idea of a 3v over a coyote because I like how people **** on 3v's now that the coyotes came out but its still a great motor with less displacement and headflow. VCT and the improved PATS system make using the factory wiring more difficult in most cases. SHARE THIS ARTICLE:Please feel free to share this article on Facebook, in Forums, or with any Clubs you participate in. Comes with everything to connect all factory sensors on the engine and transmission to your factory ECM plus wiring for the fuel pump, electric fan, and diagnostic port. The basic code reader can read error codes stored in the computer. So, he opted for one of Pier's pedal swap kits, which is mostly based on New Edge-era Mustang parts. So this V10 Swap will work in any of these as they are all Panther's. It eliminates the shock towers and optional modular-engine mounts are available. This means provisions need to be made in your swap to accommodate the throttle-by-wire gas pedal. . 4v? Easy?!?!?! The QA1 F-100 kit is designed for this exact truck. You can certainly purchase a programmer and work with tuning your vehicle, but there is a learning curve to becoming adept with tuners. Non-supercharged engines can mount over the front axle if desired. Error codes are primarily usedfor emissions issues, and when your PCM senses a problem, it stores a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) and turns on the check engine light on the dash. I believe it's a 7mm socket scree head and unplug it and pull it out. With the 4.6L swap you are going to need to make motor mounts or purchase some aftermarket ones, get a high pressure fuel pump and all the plumbing that goes with it, an external transmission cooler as the one in the radiator is not good enough for the AODE/4R70W/4R75W family of transmission, a remote oil filter base as the current filter will In addition, you dont have to verify the sensors that are installed on the engine, as some aftermarket systems require a change to generic sensors. Generated in 0.114 seconds in which 0.042 seconds were spent on a total of 16 queries. You can just machine an adapter plate to use a standard modular cable-actuated dual bore throttle body (ie Cobra/Mach/MM) instead for pre 05 panthers, and fab a small bracket to mount the cables. Throttle Bodies. New stock 1967 fuel tanks are being fabricated out of stainless steel, and this was the choice for modifications for the 2003 dual fuel pump. All communications with the computer are done through the DLC (Data Link Connector), which is a standardized plug that is usually mounted under the drivers side of the dashboard. The throttle-by-wire systems include this servo motor thats attached to the throttle body to move the throttle plate. If you bypass items such as the EVAP or EGR for off-road use, or you are converting a mechanical fuel pressure regulator, you need to let the PCM know what you are changing. Powered by UBB.threads PHP Forum Software 7.5.9. Nuff said. Renegade Race Engines 4.6 SOHC: Cobra Crank, Manley Rods, Custom coated Diamond Pistons >10.5:1 cr w/valve reliefs, PnP npi heads, Comp Cams, 70mm TB, Maurader Intake Assembly w/80mmMAF, 24# inj, Walbro 190lph, FRPP shortys, custom 2.25 dual exh, SCT Xcal2, Dirtyd0g TC; RoadmasterTranz Police Duty 4R70W (mild J-mod). Unlike other makes where the basic scheme doesnt change much, the Ford system has changed considerably over the years and has had at least four base configurations as of this writing. existing tank, you need to reprogram the computer to tell the fuel pump circuit to maximize output all the time and run an old-style regulator and return line to the tank. Respi Mee Sup Sabahiiat. The tunnel is just large enough for a 4R70W transmission that normally comes in the car. Using Ford factory wiring harnesses is an option for most engines and projects. It is usually found on the drivers side of the interior under the dash. Romeo, Windsor, Teksid, WAP, Triton & Intech - What's In A Name? For example, the PCM mounting on the donor vehicle may be in a place that doesnt work on your swap, and changing the placement may be difficult. seems like a ton of work and by no means is this an "easy" project. A typical vintage muscle car had 5 to 10 fused circuits. To start the conversion, Rod and Custom Motorsports performed extensive fabrication work and installed a Mustang II front suspension. What kind of electronics would it take to get it to work in a Panther? Of course my fantasy build is a V10/Fox-bodied Mustang with a manual trans (T56?). i bought a 6.2l short block and heads for it. If you have a Coyote engine, therefore, you should strongly consider an aftermarket or Ford Control Pack system, which will allow you to tune your engine according to your application. Ford wiring diagrams are available to the public through Helm Inc. (helminc. An old swing-arm voltmeter could be used to read the pulses put out by the computer. Some aftermarket companies use speed density systems to make big horsepower because they are easier to tune and do not have some of the restrictions of mass air. The problem has been resolved, and now programming the new computers is no problem. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Through the scanner you can turn on the low and high fan outputs on the Ford system before you fire up your engine and know you will have the cooling fans on first start. The HPT Tuner Suite puts the power of a professional tuning shop on your home PC. These computers are all mass airflow design, so they must use an airflow meter to measure the amount of air going into the engine. Book Hotel VICTORIA, Nuremberg on Tripadvisor: See 1,625 traveler reviews, 539 candid photos, and great deals for Hotel VICTORIA, ranked #2 of 130 hotels in Nuremberg and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Many aftermarket computers cannot control the variable timing, and the camshafts have to be locked down. Up front, the Cobra radiator and cooling fan fit nicely between the frame rails and the intercooler is mounted between the radiator support and the hood latch bracket. It doesnt require drive-by-wire or control of variable cam timing, and there are plenty of aftermarket power adders to make the Terminator a good choice for a swap. Please post pics, because I for one would love to have a V10 powered car someday. They're very similar to Mark or cobra pistons, but slightly more dish. In addition, they dont have some of the issues with throttle by wire and VCT. Some systems computers can be reprogrammed via the Internet through built in Wi-Fi or through a laptop. Typical installations do not use all the wiring from a factory harness, and to save space and weight you will be pulling some wires out of the harness. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. how ever I have all of my parts for the engine. The other thing regardless of the swap is the wiring harness. From 0cc to -20cc dish piston, if your cams (aftermarket) have too much duration/lift is when notche. (A friend test drove a newer Mustang GT and while he was cruising at 95 mph and backup system threw a minor code. Powered by UBB.threads PHP Forum Software 7.5.9. It is possible to run your factory computer using an aftermarket wiring harness. It plugs right into the DLC just the like pros use and can be used across multiple models and brands with licensing. This wiring kit comes with all of the sensor connections pre-installed on color-coded and printed wire which attaches to the engine and transmission using the factory ECM. That is the main reason I was wondering about the feasability of the SOHC 3v. I don't see why it would be endless headaches. (with pics of course). These cars never came with a 3v. CD, or direct online schematics, it is up to you. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If you liked this article you will LOVE the full book. If you are going to use a Ford harness and computer in your swap, make sure you get all the wiring and electronic parts from the donor car. unfortunately im on workers comp waiting on my trial in October but I will have the car up and running before February next year. This EEC-V is from a 2003 Mustang Cobra, and it features an additional row of pins and the different keying from the EEC-IV unit. Nuremberg (Nrnberg), Bavaria's second-largest city and the unofficial capital of Franconia, is an energetic place where the nightlife is intense and the beer is as dark as coffee. You will be shortening, lengthening, and removing circuits from your harnesses in almost every case. Anything that can affect what the computer thinks it is seeing needs to be addressed. If you do this please post on here your progress. Make the donor look like the original (electrically). In the end, Patrick got exactly what he wanted: a Crown Victoria that looks & drives as if it came with a Coyote from the factory. 2004 Crown Vic LX SOLD!! Ford F-100 / F-Series Crown Vic Swap Adjustable Motor Mounts for Big Block Ford 429/460. You need to notify the tuner of any changes to items such as the intake, injectors, oxygen sensors, or any hardware that affects the performance of the car. F100 Build: Crown Vic IFS Swap! The computer can tell you more about what is happening with the engine than any external device. New diagnostic equipment scans live and stored data, graphs operating conditions, and even recommends a plan to correct the problem. Out the factory door, the P71 Interceptor Crown Vic managed 239 horsepower out of its 4.6 liter V8. Say I got my hands on a 4.6 3v and wanted to drop in my 2009 P71 Crown Vic. This function can test whether a sensor or switch is turning on or off, can measure the percentage of sensor in use, or the voltage reading of the sensor. This one should do a bit more than that seeing as it has a custom Marty Ochs tune and a. You know that the car runs with all the components plugged in; you can determine later if a component isnt needed. USA Distributor of MCM Equipment crown vic 3v swap Using the original harness allows you to run options such as the original ABS unit from the 2003 Cobra. Others can get the connectors, and some use a central junction point that permits remote mounting, but it is big and bulky. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! You need to buy a wiring diagram! Paul did tell me that it took awhile to tune the PCM from the mustang and he spliced a stock 6.2l and 4.6l 3v harness together. This pro street 1967 coupe is being fitted with the still popular 20032004 Cobra Terminator engine. The newer the engine, the more difficult it is to use a factory system. #3. A custom baffle was built into the insert to keep the pump from starving under heavy acceleration and turning. Yes and no. Insight towards what to expect 3 Dimitrov67 3 yr. ago thanks man i'll take a look at it OlYeller01 3 yr. ago Factory Computers with Aftermarket Wiring Harnesses. However, it will be a little wider, and a little taller, so you may have to cut the Y-pipe in the exhaust to get it around the 5.4 block. Its larger pins and unique plug keying identify the EEC-IV computer. Find a good tuner dealer and work closely to get your conversion right. i appreciatte any advice or sugestions, dont know thats a werid but unique swap the the 6,2 is a 3v engine ? i called around asking about what computer i should use, i have been told to use the FRPP 3.V kit for the 6.2 in my crown vic and have it calibrated for my engine, the heads will be stock no cnc work.,, Powered by UBB.threads PHP Forum Software 7.5.9. Read this over, has all the info needed, use your stock 4.6 mounts. (Photo Courtesy Classic Resto Garage). registry . (Photo Courtesy HP Tuners). Here are some of the bigger hurdles to consider if using a Ford wiring harness and computer. The rear IRS is already equipped with the ABS wheels, and the front spindles are retrofitted. Rack n pinion steering, a front sway bar, disc brakes and probaly handles a lot better . Some of these systems cannot be used in pollution-controlled vehicles. Unless you are a wizard with fuel curves and shift points, you will be working closely with a tuner, and they will probably use the tuner they are most comfortable using (see Chapter 10). According to the wiring gurus, Were proud to introduce a complete fuel injection wiring system for 2005 to 2006 and 2007-2011 Ford Crown Victoria 4.6-liter engines. Both types have benefits and drawbacks. Contact Us - These chips, depending on their complexity, can store multiple tunes for different uses (e.g., driving to the dragstrip and changing the tune for your passes; changing the tune on your truck when you are pulling for max torque). The knock sensor will pull a [censored] load of timing before that happens. They did this through a series of binary pulses that generated engine error codes with the Key On Engine Off (KOEO) test. DaewooOfDeath wrote: Junkyard 4.6 plus blower seems obvious. Its about 11:1. The PCM mounts to the passenger-side kick panel area, similar to the way it is mounted in the 2003 Cobra. The swap works because the Mustang specific parts will be swapped from the original to the donor. This allows a scanner to access the analog and digital sensors that are controlled by the PCM. It,s not super fast as per todays standart but considering the weight of our car the low end torque production of the 5.4 makes our car a ton more fun to drive. All of these systems were the mass airflow type and used coil packs (modular engines do not use a distributor). What do I need to swap for ECM, harnesses, and such? In 2015 the control box shape changed slightly, going back to a two-connector design. She could easily make a killer sleeper car. Dans External Relay Harness. . Imo its not worth it unless you get the frpp 3v swap kit and even then youre only at 300hp or so at the crank. Ford CROWN VICTORIA 5.0 LTR V/8 Cyl OHV V/8 Fits 82-97 Casting No: D7OE D8OE E7TE F3TE Additional Applications: Ford - TRUCK, F SERIES 1982 to 1997 Mercury - MARQUIS 1982 to 1997 Notes: 302 V/8 Price: $235.00 VIEW DETAILS Ford CROWN VICTORIA 5.8 LTR V/8 Cyl OHV WINDSOR Fits 69-78 Casting No: C90E D5UE Additional Applications: For more information on this product or to see the complete offerings from Ron Francis wiring, go here. With this mode, you or your technician using a scanner can turn on and off specific items in the car. An aftermarket stainless-steel stock tank was modified to accept the 2003 fuel pump assembly and locate the fuel pump at the correct height. Several versions of the EEC-V system were developed and installed on Ford vehicles. About the time the VI-VCT engines came out, Ford improved the PATS system to the point that aftermarket performance tuners found it difficult to bypass the system. OBDII rules dictate a standard set of PIDs that all scan tools can read; Ford has some proprietary ones that may or may not be readable by non-Ford scan tools. There are so many conflicting opinions Do I get the 5.4 2v? i have benn told that factory 6.2 heads flow just over 300cfm. does the 6.2 have variable valve timing? Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Marauder, Grand Marquis, Finally 4.6 3V swap made easy | Modular High Performance | 90% of the 4V's airflow in a narrower package. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. In a returnless fuel system, the PCM uses this pressure transducer mounted on the fuel rail to measure the fuel pressure at the engine. Currently, the best choice for operating the Coyote engine and later engines with VCT is the Ford Performance Control Pack. While there the factory 4.6 L 2v Read More 1996 Crown Victoria with a 460 ci V8 Update 3 October 22, 2021 Crown Victoria The 5.0 Coyote made its debut in 2011, as the high tech replacement for the 4.6L modular engine. crown vic 3v swapcapricorn and virgo flirting. Mustang is lower profile intake with dual bore throttle body and Explorer is a little taller with single blade round throttle body. Many of these computers were mounted in the engine compartment rather than inside the interior as with earlier computers. I'm going to look into it a little further, I'm more surprised than anything else that nobody else has done it. Buy It Now. Most aftermarket programmers have data logging and error code reading capabilities built in, so they are all-in-one solutions. The heads / intake are the limiting factor, and if you decide to run boost you will probably not make as much HP. The long blacks are the SAME. The main problem right now with the 5.4 options is that there are only one intake designed to fit under the hood og the crown vic and it's the hps intake. Be prepared to modify the transmission tunnel in the car. Supercharger, Turbocharger, Nitrous Oxide & Water/Methanol Injection Engine Swaps 7.3L Gasoline V8 Engine 6.2L V8 5.0L Coyote EcoBoost (all engine sizes) Modular V10 (6.8l) Modular V8 (4.6L, 5.4L) Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5.0/302, 5.8/351W) Big Block V8 - 385 Series (6.1/370, 7.0/429, 7.5/460) Ford V6 You may also have to move pins within connectors if you have mismatched harnesses, or if you are trying to combine harness connectors. The TBW throttle body/servo is only a minor issue. With the introduction of the Ford Control Pack, it has taken over as the best and easiest-to-use computer control system. If you plan to develop your ride for racing or top performance, a programmer may be right for you. Tuning an engine is a science, and most companies who sell the programmers work with trained tuners to maximize the performance and efficiency of the engine. Using the control pack requires you to convert your system back to a mechanical fuel regulator and return system. When using factory computers and wiring, pay close attention to the connectors. As far as I know on this forum, it's never been done before. Swapping the whole motor and ecu seems like a PITA but a head swap, intake swap, and phaser lockout seems a lot simpler. Get the body harness (the other 70 pin connector on the PCM) so you can cut that up to fit the crown vic. Using the 2003 Cobra hydroboost also aids in moving the engine back to the firewall. instead of doing the 3valve computer deal, I will just have the factory 4.6l 2v engine harness swapped to my 6.2l and use all the sensors the 4.6l uses and have the factory computer tuned to my engine. idk really. Zlib compression enabled. While many industry names have been used to describe the computer that controls the engine, Ford refers to its system as the Powertrain Control Module or PCM. Like with the Mustang in Black (see Chapter 2), this owner wanted to take full advantage of all the capabilities of the newer Cobra such as ABS, modern cruise control, and returnless fuel injection. Generated in 0.029 seconds in which 0.014 seconds were spent on a total of 16 queries. SVT FOX thinks I have a mustang with a 6.2l in it. Mass air systems are typically less tolerant of big tuning changes than speed density systems due to the sizing of the mass air meter. A set of custom engine mounts was added to this MII crossover bar to move the engine back 4 inches to make room for the Eaton Supercharger. Black Label Garage 1.78K subscribers Subscribe 89K views 4 years ago In this episode i go over what it takes to bolt up your Crown Vic IFS into your. I agree. Along with the standard industry error codes, each manufacturer has some proprietary codes that are available to cover specific features of its vehicles. Please register or login to enable Dark Mode. The third level of communication allows you to reprogram your computer system, and this is what you need to get around systems such as PATS. For a nice primer on hopping-up Mod Motors from our sister publication EngineLabs, go here. I guess there is a couple ways to do this. The 4.6 3V was dropped in 2010, but the 5.4 3V continued in some trucks until 2015. Most error codes are for emissions systems, but there are codes assigned to manufacturer specific problems. The computer calculates the amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine based on air volume, air temperature, manifold pressure, and exhaust gas mix. Most professional mechanics have a scan tool that not only reads the error codes, but it can track data live while the car is running and look at data stored by the computer. With the exception of being able to erase codes, this is pretty much one-way communication, but it is still beneficial. The difficulty with 5.4s making HP is because they have the same bore as a 4.6, but a longer stroke. The newer the computer and the greater the number of sensors, the more information there is available. I figured with the valves being in different locations it would affect that but Ive never build a mod motor myself. The stock 2003 computer mounting bracket is used to mount the computer and provides proper grounding. london stadium seating plan,

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